Acharaya Chanakya top 10 Nitis

Acharaya Chanakyas Nitis

Acharaya Chanakyas top 10 Nitis

1. Never use offensive / foul language to any one.
2. Goodwill is more important than any other thing.
3. One Should Not Be Too Honest As, because The Straight Trees Are Cut First In The Forest then others.
4. Never share your secrets with anybody. It will destroy you in your life.
5. Stay away from depressed & sad people because they will depress you .
6. The world’s biggest power is youth and the beauty of a woman so never mess with them and handle them with care for your success. .
7. Even if a snake is non poisonous, it should show to be poisonous so act your attitude like this.
8. An ego person can only be won in connection with it, a madman can win by allowing him to behave in a crazy way and an intelligent person can be won with truth.
9. Behind every friendship, there is some self-interest so be careful.
10. In the monetary meter, in acquiring knowledge, in business and in eating who gives up shyness, he gets a happier life.

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