Blend of E-Commerce & Viral Marketing
A Safe Shop has formed an only one of its kind blend of Viral E-shopping system which blends the power of technology with the human interface of viral promotion thereby create a well-built consumer proposition. It is one of the First Few E-commerce Corporations in India that offers a Revenue Sharing Program, giving its customers and chance to achieve financial freedom.
Safe Shop uses technology to take out inefficiencies across the entire supply chain with a view to enrich and empower consumers. Savings on procurement and marketing are passed to safe Shop consumers in terms of discounted prices and royalty income.
Our day begins and ends with the aim of keeping our customers happy and with that goal in mind we have created a Strong Loyalty Program which ensures.
Blend of E-Commerce & Viral Marketing

To create Value for Money in a customer Centric,
To supply high-quality goods across a variety of daily.
Core Values

We pay close attention to the ethical code that we follow. All we do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness and clearness while recognizing the value of all employees and customers.
A business can’t shine unless it creates profitability and chance for all. Safe Shop is dedicated to being socially responsible in every community.
Enabling customers to become a high-performance business and creating long-term associations by being responsive and relevant and by time after time delivering value.
Innovation is basic fundamental nature in whatever we create, visualize and execute for improving customer experience.
We wish to build a sustainable model and a strong base for the future generation by conserving our brand, meeting our promises and developing our associate.
• We are backed by a strong founding team having close to 100 years of Entrepreneurial knowledge in building Pan India large sales and supply network across physical goods such as Health, Cosmetics, Fashion, FMCG etc. and services such as Financial goods, Real Estate, Education etc.
• We have created many channels of customer attainment across direct marketing, internet, and mobile.
• We have a well-built technology framework which forms the spine of all existing businesses.
• We have a workforce of 200 committed employees and are increasing at a fast pace.
• Over the last 17 years, we have served 5 lakh+ happy customers who have experienced and like the goods and services presented.
• We are nearby in more than 150 places in India today and plan to add to more than.

• Earn At Safe Shop Yourself
At Safe Shop, we single-mindedly believe in the care our customer’s interest on top of all. Our day begin and ends with the aim of keeping our clients happy and with that goal in the brain we assure you Strong Loyalty Program ensures that you earn back money for every rupee that you pay on shopping at our site. Our values via which we aim to every time deliver a valued shopping experience to all our clients
• Large Range
Our aim is to supply you with a large selection of products across the diverse category. Our team specially handpicks merchants who have the best, latest and vast selection of products so you can find what you are looking for- all 100% genuine, and at the best value!
• Competitive Prices
We strongly trust that a good shopping experience is not fully delivered until the goods and services sold at Safe Shop are the most competitive price. We bring merchants directly to consumers thereby removing middlemen margins.
• Reliable Brands
Safe Shop does not allow merchants to sell duplicate, fake, know-offs, used, or grey channel items. Please be sure that items bought at Safe Shop are brand new and come sealed in a box with the manufacturer’s warranty wherever valid. Strong excellence framework to ensure delivery of high-quality products at an affordable pricing.
• Holistic Acquisition Model
We acquire our consumers via multi – channel strategy which encompasses”
1. Internet Marketing
2. Direct Marketing
3. Viral Marketing
• Outstanding Customer Services
We at Safe Shop strive hard to make your shopping experience enjoyable and memorable one. With our second to none customer service, we promise to stand by you in any situations to help, keep your smile on while you shop with us. Our Loyalty consumers are our customer service channel wherein they give a physical interface to our Portal which is a sole proposition in the Indian E-commerce Industry – Technology with a Human Face.
• Quality Management
Safe Shop has a strong compliance system premeditated to minimize business risks and ensure compliance with applicable laws and maximizing the results. We have instituted a compliance program that includes pre-emptive and year-round teaching, control and supervision in order to ensure adherence to pertinent laws by the company and all employees. Our Compliance activities are broadly
• E-commerce marketplace with a diverse range of goods from genuine brands.
• Holistic gaining Model which includes Direct, Internet & Viral Marketing.
• Blends the advantages of technology with benefits of Human Interface.
• Strong Quality & Compliance to minimize business risks.
• Strong Founding Team with excellent online training support.
• Unique Customer Loyalty Earning and Remuneration which provides strong
  Platform for nurturing entrepreneurial chance.

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