How to Update PAN no in SAFE SHOP Associate profile

Update PAN card
How to Update PAN no in SAFE SHOP Associate profile

It is very important to Update PAN no in SAFE SHOP Associate profile for the tax deduction and deducted tax will deposit against your PAN. If you update PAN in your profile you will 95% of your commission and only 5% TDS will deduct otherwise it will deduct 20 % from your commision.
There is three way to update PAN
1. At the time of registration
2. Edit Profile and Update Pan
3. E-mail to SAFE SHOP INDIA
1. At the time of Registration :

At the time of registration if you provide your PAN to your UPLINE he/She will update the same at the time of registration the option will available. Given below.

Safe Shop registration


2. Edit your Profile :

You can also update the PAN in your profile update option first log in to your account using your ID and Password the go to Update Profile then scroll down to PAN/GIR No and enter your PAN no then click on Submit Button your pan will update in your profile  Given below. If some Error occurs then refer to 3rd option E-mail.

Update Safe Shop Profile for PAN


3. E-mail to SAFE SHOP INDIA

If in Edit Profile option the pan is not updated or Some Error message displayed in the screen then you will update your PAN via email.

First, Screen Short the Error message and scan your PAN card and save both on your computer.

E-mail format :

<———-Start Format——————->

Subject:  Regarding Update of PAN no of <Your log ID>

With reference to the subject cited above, I want to inform you that, my PAN is not updating in safe shop profile which detail is given below.

NAME – <Your Name> 
LOG ID –  <Your log ID> 
PAN NO  – <Your PAN No>
MOBILE NO –  <Your mobile no which is update in your profile>

I would request you please update my PAN having log id <Your log ID>  as soon as possible

Thank’s & Regard’s From

<Your Name>
<Your Email>
<Your mobile no >

<———-End Format——————->
then Attach Screen Short the Error message and scan your PAN card in the mail
and sent the email to  [email protected] within 5 to 7 days your PAN will be updated in your profile
NB: Change the format as per your information.


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